The Tears of a Clown

Photo by Iga Logan

Lately life has been a time for celebration. I’ve been celebrating some of life’s joyous events with family and friends. My mother claims that my last post sounded bitter (am I forever resigned to be a desperately misunderstood teenager with a blackened sense of humour?) and so I have resolved to make this post lovely and light, perhaps also delight my mom. I do believe it is true that there is always darkness lurking at the edges of light, that there is no light without the contrast of darkness. There were some tears; no one ever told me it was going to be so hard to loosen those bonds with the ones you love as they grow into new roles in their lives. Admittedly, there were some of what old Smokey Robinson called ‘the tears of a clown‘. But there were many more tears of happiness. So for now, lest I be accused of being a harbinger of doom, some fun for the whole family…

Cousin Courtney, Sister Hayley, Mother Pamela, New Neice Sophia

My gorgeous sister Hayley was married the week before last to her sweetheart, Carmen. Their two children each were touchingly included in the ceremony, and with matching necklaces and a sand ceremony, they all together made a vow to become a family. It was an absolutely beautiful, secular ceremony, officiated by my Auntie Cyndi (who, by the way, is 6’1” in her stocking feet), held, in true Florida style, overlooking the water, on a Saturday afternoon in the blazing sunshine. I read a poem. There were tears.

I believe the flag was already there, not brought in especially… God Bless America.

photo by Iga Logan-

photo by Iga Logan

photo by Iga Logan-

Mother and Father of the bride; still entangled in love after all these years

Me and my sis




After the ceremony, we headed across the street to the ballroom at my grandparent’s place for a southern feast and reception. There were good times all around… almost. There is really nothing else like that heady mix of extended family en mass and an open bar. As you would expect at your little sister’s wedding, there was plenty of ‘Are you ever moving back to the states?’, ‘What exactly are you doing with your life?’, ‘Do you have anyone special in your life?’, ‘When are you getting married, having a baby?’ etc. Which was not helped by the fact that I caught the bouquet. (And had to sit in the middle of the room while a garter was inched up my thigh… while my mother dutifully informed the incher that the astrologer in Thailand had predicted that I’d meet the love of my life in September and seeing how it was the penultimate day in September, it must be him. Major cringefest!) But on the whole everything went off smoothly and without a glitch. My sister is an absolute whiz at organising and had everything planned, even down to the tiniest detail. I picked up some handy tips for the next Midnight Steakout (coming soon!). Congratulations Carmen and Hayley Treffeletti. May your love last a lifetime and continue to grow. Thank you for a splendid day and for expanding our family and capacity to love. I hope I can help put each and every one of your kids through college. I love you all so very much and am so happy that you have found each other and together have made such a beautiful new family!

photo by Iga Logan

My adorable brother Adam and I on the beach later that night

Me, post reception, suitcase, shoes and bouquet in hand




The day after the wedding, I headed down south with my cousins Joy and Penelejo to the Florida Keys for some fun in the sun. My darling cousin Joy is pregnant with her first child. Joy has found love with her longtime friend Doy, and together with their dog Sailor, live on an idyllic paradise island resort. Doy and Joy and Sailor had me down to stay and I invited along my new friend Bip. Along with our dear friends Toji, Sam and Liz, we had lots of adventures in the sun: riding bikes in Key West, tripping along the beaches wearing Agent Provocateur lingerie, cruising in awesome old hotrods, eating mounds of BBQ seafood, driving golf carts around photographing mailboxes and each other, shopping at Liz and Sam’s new boutique Miss Monroe… Who says I can’t do fun? Thank you to my beloved friends and family for showing me a wonderful time. Loads of love!!!

With Beachy Love, AGJ xoxoxo



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